Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Reader Response: Holes

1.  What do you learn in the first chapter about the setting of the story? Based on its name, what would you imagine a place called Camp Green Lake to be like? What is it really like?

2.  Do you think it’s true that digging holes can turn a bad person into a good one? What are some other unpleasant things you’ve heard about that are supposed to “build character”?

3.  Stanley’s father, an inventor, says, “I learn from failure.” What do you think this means? Have you ever learned from failure? 


  1. when i think of green lake, i think of a calm camp with alot of things to do. i think that digging holes does not build much character, all it really does is build strength. i have learned from mistakes alot, as an example, i tried alot of things in minecraft, so i try it again and presist to do it.


  2. Hi! I am Emma M., answering these questions for Holes.

    1. The setting is Camp Green Lake, and it should be like a typical summer camp, with games and sports and fun. And a lake. Instead, there are a bunch of boys digging holes in the really hot TX heat, through the hard, sun baked dirt. The leaders are mean and the conditions are bad, and most of the time the kids aren't very friendly.
    2. I do not think digging holes in the hot sun helps your character at all. If it did anything, it would make it worse. Lots of hard work and difficult trials are supposed to be other "character building" experiences.
    3. Stanley's dad means that when ever he messes up, he learns not to make that mistake again, plus he may learn more stuff, to, like a science experiment people learn from. I have learned from most of my mistakes.


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