Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Reader Response: Rules

1.  Describe Catherine’s relationship with David.

2.  How does David stand in the way of what Catherine wants for herself? What has she done to try to resolve that?

3.  Do your siblings ever stand in the way of what you want? How? What have you done to solve that?

4.  How are Catherine’s rules good for David? How do her rules hold him back? How do Catherine’s rules hold her back? 


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  2. 1.it is good but she can be a little annoyed with him and she tryes to help him with a bunch of rules.
    2.he can be doing stuff that you should do not so cathrine does a bunch of rules for him.
    3.yes i'm the youngest so i get the last choice and they get what i want.
    4.the rules for him go not that good and she has a hard time so she is trying to make him following them.

  3. Question#1 Catherine's relationship with David is rough and sounds like she is annoyed with him
    Question#2 David keeps her from having a normal life like she wants
    Question#3 My siblings are all younger than me and they some times get in the way of me playing with my friends sometimes
    Question#4 I think Catherine's rules for David help learn

  4. 1. Cathrine is David's sister and loves him but gets annoyed with him a lot. She has to remind him about some of her rules for him.
    2. Cathrine wants a normal life and a normal brother. She wants to become friends with people and go places, but David has to go with her and often acts weird and embarrasses her.
    3.My siblings don't stand in the may of to many things. They do embarrass me sometimes and are a little annoying sometimes.
    4. Her rules are pretty good for David (like the one rule, keep your pants on).

  5. 1. he is her annoying brother.
    2. David keeps her from living how normal people do.
    3. my little sister sometimes gets in my way.
    4. she thinks her rules help him.

  6. Catherine is a sibling relationship with David. They have their ins and outs like any other siblings but since David has down syndrome it's a little bit different.

    David creates attention sometimes and when she wants to be alone or meet someone new he comes up distracting Catherine and/or the person.

    Yes many times, like when I'm opening up my pantry my sister will stand in the way or when I want to go in my room she will get in the way.

    Catherine's rules help him with what to say or do. They help hold back David by telling him how to reply or act when the situation comes up. They hold Catherine back because she is always thinking for her brother and the rules that she can make.


  7. Catherine loves/hates David.she stand up for him,yet she is embarresed by him.
    She wants a normal life and a family that does not revolve around her brother.
    Her rules help her get over things and help david beacause david loves rules.


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