Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Reading Response: Circus Galacticus

1.  What type of person is Trix?  Describe her personality, strengths and weaknesses.

2.  What does the Circus represent to Trix in the book?

3.  Describe the setting of Bleeker Academy, how does that differ in comparison to the Circus Galacticus?


  1. Circus Galaticus -
    1. I would describe Trix to be defiant, maybe to much as she want's to do her own thing.
    2. The circus is a home for Trix to get away from Bleeker Academy
    3. I would describe Bleeker Academy as a prison, and very strict.
    - Ty Sanders

  2. 1. Trix is very hard working strong(Mentally) and determined. She will work hard to get what she wants and thinks is right.

    2. To Trix the Circus is a home and much more. It was where she lived and much more.

    3. The setting at bleeker academy was very dark and gloomy but the circus she described as very bright and happy most of the time.

  3. 1. Trix is an independent character. She has a fiery personality, but her feelings can be hurt easily. One of her weaknesses is that she wants to fit in so badly that she will do anything for that to happen, like pushing herself in the arena. Her biggest strengths are her courage and her loyalty to her friends. She would do anything to help her friends!

    2. The Circus represents a way out of Trix's horrible life. She wants to be part of the Circus so badly because it is her ticket out of Bleaker Academy.

    3. Bleaker Academy is Trix's school. She hates it because she is bullied by everyone there. When the headmistress of her school takes away her privilege of going to the gymnastics championships, she hates school even more. At Circus Galacticus, she makes lots of nice friends, and almost everyone is nice to her. She loves being part of the circus's show and showing her talents to the galaxy.


  4. I like how you describe trix's personality Madison, I think that really sums up her character. ~Brandon

  5. 1. Trix has a lot of humor. She hates it when people tell her she isn't special.

    2. It represents a home, somewhere she belongs.

    3. Bleeker Academy is a jail, and Circus Galacticus is a ride out of Bleaker.


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