Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reader Response 2: Rules...

1.  What are Catherine’s feelings about Jason when she first meets him?

2.  If you were drawing word cards for Jason, what would you have drawn for “gross?” “Awesome?” “Stinks a big one!!!”

3.  Pick three words to describe Catherine. Choose three for David, Jason, Mom, and Dad. 


  1. She seemed scared to talk to him since he couldn't but when she drew him and he liked it, she relaxed a bit. Then the next time she sees him they chat becoming friends.

    For gross I would draw spinach or asparagus with lines of green coming off of it. For awesome I would draw a plane or a monster truck. And for 'Stinks a big one!!!' I would maybe draw spoiled milk or something rotten? I really don't know for this one.

    Catherine- Thinker, Drawer, Responsible.
    David- Loud, Silly, Listens
    Jason- Quiet, Nice, Funny
    Mom- Reader, Mother, Caretaker
    Dad- Late, Worker, Father


  2. 1. she seems like it stange to talk to him.
    2. i would think that gross would be like i bucket of thow up. i think that awoseme would be mabye fireworks or a roller coaster. i think the word stinks a big one would be of a upset face.
    3. Catherine- Drawer, kind, rule maker. David-carzy, dose not listen to the rules,loud . Mom- nice, good mother, helper. Dad- late, nice father, cvs worker. Emmi

  3. Catherine's feelings about Jason in the beginning is that she likes him and thinks that he is a pretty good friend.

    For "stinks a big one!!!" I would put your Ice Cream falling off the cone.

    Cathrine: creative, nice, loyal
    David: crazy, silly, lovable
    Jason: smart, fun, friendly
    Mom: working, mother, lovely
    Dad: worker, father, fun


  4. 1. shy and worried that she will offend him.
    2. gross curled milk. amazing glitter. stinks a big one throw up.
    3. drawler strick helper. crazy loud funny. silent kind funny. mother nice smart. late fun athletic.

  5. Kinda resentful at first , but then becomes close. Gross woulld be boogers,awesome would be a rollercoaster, and stinks a big one would be it raining outside.
    Catherine-artist rulemaker and hopeful
    David- curious crazy cool
    Jason-friendly mute fun
    Mom- busy stressed tired
    Dad-gardener fun late
    ----- Madeline


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