Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Reader Repsonse- other books...

This section is for any students who are reading a book that is not on our book list.

1.   Tell me about the main character of the book you are reading.  What problem are they facing in the story?

2.   How does their environment or the setting of the story affect what is happeing to the main character?

3.  What is the theme of the book you are reading/ the genre?


  1. 1.My stories character faces having to go to a summer camp because he was bad and has to dig holes.2.It is 95 degrees and he has to dig holes with no shade so he is hot and sweating.3.A boy who gets sent to a camp and dig holes for punishment to make them "good".-MLBPRO100

    1. So you are reading the book Holes? There are reader response questions for that one below....

  2. her name is Lisa she is the main characher

  3. The name of the book is Trixie Belden and the Mystery at Bob-White cave.
    1. The main character's name is Trixie Belden the problem she and her friends are facing is finding the ''ghost cave fish''. The fish must be in three phases: partial eye, bumps, and no resemblance of eyes.
    2. The story is set in the Ozarks, and Trixie and her friends are from New York state.
    They have to deal with local wildlife, such as wildcats, bats, and the like. They also hear local legends about ghosts in the area.
    3. The theme of the book is exploring and doing things, while learning and having fun in the process.


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