Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reader Response 2: Holes...

  1. Why do the boys call Mr. Pendanski "Mom"? How does this name fit his personality? In what ways is it not a good name for him?
  2. What do the boys' nicknames tell about each of their personalities? Do you think a name changes the way others see a person and the way the person sees him- or herself?
  3. Why do you think Stanley lies to his parents in his letters home? Would you do the same?


  1. The boys call mr pendanski mom because he mothers all the boys. The boys nicknames [ex. x-ray] tell alot of things of the boys. I really do not know why stanley lied to his parents but i know i wouldn't.

  2. The boys call Mr. Pendanski "Mom" because he is like a mother to the boys while they are at camp. Their nicknames some times describes the boys like Magnet or X-Ray, but sometimes do not like Zero. I think sometimes a nickname does change the way you and others see yourself... Stanly lies to his parents because he does not want them to worry or anything but I would not lie to my parents. Emma M.


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