Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reader Response 2: Circus Galacticus...

1.  If you joined the Circus Galacticus, which role would you want to play? Which role do you think you would be assigned? Would they be the same or different? Why?

2.  How would the story have been different if Trix trusted Nyl and went with him in the beginning? Do you think she would have learned how to be loyal to the Mandate the way she became loyal to the Tinkers? Why or why not? 
3.  Several people tell Trix that not everyone can be a star, from the Headmistress at her old school to Miss Three. Despite these discouraging words, Trix keeps trying to shine. At the end of the story, Trix becomes the Champion of the Big Top. How does she accomplish this? 


  1. 1. I would want to be a tech because I think it would be awesome to work on the Circus. I would also probably be assigned tech because I am good with technology and programing

    2. The story would have changed and Trix would have been with the mandate and fought the circus and would have been the person to destroy the Circus

    3. She tries as hard as she possibly can and does what she knows is right. She does get down and discourage herself at parts but in the end she ignores the negativity and shines through. ~Brandon

  2. 1. I would be the ticket booth person who passes out tickets. I would be a tech.
    2. she would be more loyal to Nyl , the story would be changed because it would be from the bad people's point of view pretty much.
    3.By believing in her self.

  3. 1. If I joined Circus Galacticus, I would want to join the Tech. I i did join Circus Galacticus, I think I be assigned to the Tech or the Principles. They would be the same because i tried to chose realistically

    2. If Trix went with the Mandate in the first place, i think she would end up like Nyl, with equipment to keep her alive after her "Treatment."

    3. Trix becomes the champion of the big top by persevering, and being annoyed by the remarks people made against her.

    - Ty

  4. 1. I would want to be a Clown if I joined the Circus Galacticus. The Clowns preforms during most of the show, and they have the coolest performances, like the Firedance.

    2. If Trix trusted Nyl and joined the Mandate, I think that she would probably rebel against the Mandate, run away, and join the Outcasts. The story would be entirely different because she would never meet the Circus Galacticus.

    3. Trix became the champion of the Big Top because she worked her hardest all of the time, even during practices. She was always confident that she could do well, and she did.

  5. 1. (continued) I think that I would probably be assigned Tech because I'm not very good at gymnastics.

  6. I hope I would be assigned the Ringmaster ,but I would probably get to be like the tightrope walker
    2.Trix would be fighting the tinkers instead of helping them
    3. she never gave up
    ........ Emma

  7. 1. If I joined Circus Galacticus, I think I would want to be a Principle. I think I would be... Maybe a principle? Or a Clown? No I think I would be a principle. Maybe.

    2. If Trix had trusted Nyl in the beginning, I think the story would not be as exciting. I don't think Trix would be AS loyal because the Mandate are so... What's the word? Dull. I don't think Trix would like that.

    3. Well, I think Trix became champion of the big top by using the Tinker's treasure on the Big Top instead of on herself. But did she become champion of the Big Top? Because if she took the role of champion as a principle, she would have been the Champion in the circus play thingy- not the big top. And also, it seems like she didn't take the title of principle in the end. I don't know. The ending was confusing.


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